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     Varpren 155UL Electrical Wire

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  • Crosslinked polyolefin insulation
  • Tinned copper core Class 5   
  • Normal Voltage: 600 Volt 
  • Test Voltage 3500 Volt 
  • Peak Temperature Rating: +250 DegC
  • Halogen Free 
  • Flame & Fire Retardant 
  • Non Corrosivity of smokes 
  • Good bending radius approx 5 x diameter 
  • Available in different colours & sizes 
  • Robust compact spools for shipping & dispensing
  • Suitable for harsh environments - Mining, Construction, Transport, Marine
  • Easy conduit installation for looming 
  • In stock for same day dispatch

Montronics Pty Ltd have been using Varpren 155UL wire for more than 10 years and distributing it to the Mining and Construction industries for the past 5 years. During this time Montronics has utilised Varpren 155UL wire for complete equipment rewires as well as for smaller electrical installations on mobile mining equipment.  Varpren wire offers some advantages over other similar types of wire such as....

  • Better resistance to heat in order to cope with HOT areas on equipment such as wiring around engine compartments and to hydraulic valve banks.
  • Extremely good corrosion resistance to harsh environmental elements, fuels, oils.
  • Easier installation when manufacturing electrical looms using conduit systems such as PMA Flex, Harness Flex, Rhino Flex and other similar conduit systems. Varpren "155UL" wire feeds through PMA or Harness Flex conduit with less stiction compared to other similar types of wire. This can help by reducing electrical harness manufacture times which will lead to significant cost savings.
  • The Tinned Copper Conductor used in Varpren "155UL" wire has a high current carrying capacity for a given cross sectional area and maintains this capacity at higher temperatures. ie. 1.5mm2 Varpren @ 60degC >33Amp.
  • Varpren "155UL" wire will not burn easily, melt or catch fire in the event of an extreme short circuit or a machine fire. The insulation is self extinguishing.

Varpren 155UL in stock now!           Available in the following sizes & colours 

  • 0.75mm2 (20.9Amp @ 60oc) Black,Red,Blue,Brown,Grey
  • 1.0mm2  (26Amp @ 60oc) Black,Red,Blue,Brown,Grey, Green,Orange,Pink,Purple,White,Yellow
  • 1.5mm2 (33.8Amp @ 60oc) Black,Red,Blue,Brown,Grey,Green,Orange,Pink,Purple,White,Yellow
  • 2.5mm2 (44.8Amp @ 60oc)  Black,Red
  • 6mm2 (78.3Amp @ 60oc) Black,Red
  • 10mm2 (109.1Amp @ 60oc) Black
  • 16mm2 (149.7Amp @ 60ocBlack
  • 25mm2  (243Amp @ 60oc) Black


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