PMA EasiFlex Conduit System

 PMA EasiFlex Conduit System

Heavy Duty Conduit - Light Duty Conduit - Fittings    IP68

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Conduit Standard Duty       

The PMA EASIFLEX conduit type CA (Montronics Part Prefix 'SDC' - Standard Duty Conduit) is produced from specially modified polyamide (PA6). The material is self extinguishing and free of halogenphosphor  and cadmium. This readily available Standard Duty Conduit 'SDC' is very economical while offering good impact resistance and flexibility making it a good choice for elctrical looms on mining & construction equipment.   PMA Flex Standard Duty Conduit (SDC) can be compatible with other conduit systems for the following conduit sizes. 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm. This means that you can integrate common PMA Conduit sizes onto equipment that was previously wired using other conduit systems. The Standard Duty PMA conduit system when compared side by side with other conduit systems offers marginally better mechanical protection to cables due to a slightly thicker ribbed wall.

  • Temperature Range: -40oC to 105o
  • Short Term Temperature: 140o
  • Sizes: 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 28mm, 34mm, 42mm, 54mm 
  • Roll Size: 30mtr or 50mtr (dependant on above sizes) 
  • Works well with Varpren 'F' Wire 
  • In stock for immediate delivery


 Conduit Heavy Duty

The PMA Heavy Duty Conduit type VOH (Montronics Part Prefix 'HDC' - Heavy Duty Conduit) with its high impact strength and pullout resistance offers superior cable protection. Due to the heavy construction and excellent flame properties of PMA Heavy Duty Conduit it can offer better mechanical protection to cabling on equipment that does not have circuit protection. An example of this would be battery to isolator switch supply cables, battery to starter motor supply cables, battery to jump start receptacles& none circuit protected cables in and around engine compartments.

  • Very good self extinguishing
  • Free of Halogen, Phosphor and cadmium
  • High impact and pullout resistance
  • High stiffness and compression strength
  • Temperature Range: -40oC to 105o
  • Short Term Temperature: 150o
  • Good chemical resistance to fuels, mineral oils, fats, alkalies, weak acids & bases. etc
  • Sizes: 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 28mm, 34mm, 42mm, 54mm 
  • Roll sizes 30mtr or 50mtr (dependant on above sizes)


           PMA Y Fitting PMA Tee FittingCurved 90deg Fitting45deg Fitting90deg Fitting  Straight FittingCouplingReducer Coupling One Piece Clip

  • All threaded Fittings supplied complete with nuts
  • Most Fittings are IP68 rated with oval clip, conduit and thread seals
  • Temperature Range: -40oC to 105oC
  • Short Term Temperature: 160o
  • Good chemical resistance to fuels, mineral oils, fats, alkalies, weak acids & bases. etc
  • Offers better mechanical protection while maintaining compatibility with other common conduit systems such as Harnessflex (see above for compatible Harnessflex conduit sizes)
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Fittings lock conduit firmly into place with good environmental sealing
  • In Stock for immediate delivery